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Interest Rates


It has been a difficult decade for savers and investors who look to interest rates to help their investment return. For 10 years they have suffered falling or ultra-low interest rates, leaving them with little to modest returns on their deposit accounts. One of the main arguments against the Federal Reserve’s low interest-rate strategy in the wake of the Great Recession was the cost borne by savers. Even now as the central bank slowly reverses that policy — with two rate hikes already in 2017 —savers still aren’t benefiting much.

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Financial Planning

Our goal is to create an inspiring financial strategy for you—one that gets you excited about your future. To accomplish this, our personalized Values-Based Financial Planning® services take a holistic wealth advisory approach. These services are based on the premise.
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Investment Management

At Zephyr Investment Management, we believe that a focus on managing downside risks is essential to your long-term financial security. We believe the upside will take care of itself and the real value of investment management is generated by limiting the downside.
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Retirement Services

We see financial planning and investment planning as the key components to a secure retirement. Building on our work in these areas, we work with you to define a solid vision of what your retirement looks like to you. While this vision may evolve over time.
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Zephyr’s Blog

Interest rates are important to investors and they are currently at or near all-time lows. At this past June’s Federal Reserve meeting, interest rates were kept at a range of 0%-0.25% and it was indicated that they will remain n...